lundi 20 avril 2009

Illustration Friday - Impossibility

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Ezra a dit…

Je suis fan ! Cela répond très bien au mot "impossibilité". :)

Gwendoulash a dit…

joli carnet

yoon see a dit…

Beautiful but I am not sure what is going on?

yoon see a dit…

Sorry, now I now, I enlarge the picture and it says "In Legend, everything is possible!"
I hope so. Thanks, your legendary journal is super cool! May I have one, so that all things are possible for I just adopt the spirit here. I will be one. Thanks for your encouragement Ojni:)

By the way, it's a great success for your exhibition and the bird project, I look up to you, I am going to start my children illustration too:)

Poupette Lulu a dit…

c'est très mystérieux cette image...c'est dense et poétique, j'aime vraiment beaucoup...Ca donne envie d'aller découvrir les mots et images enfouies et cachées dans ce petit carnet!

Jennifer Mann a dit…

Oh this is wonderful. I thought it was a real book.
You too have a wonderful blog...thanks for visiting mine. I am amazed that my artwork can reach all the way around to Hungary. Do you illustrate for your work? Children's books? I love the spirit of your images..lots of joy there. Stay in's nice to have art friends, especially from far away.

Cserháti Hajnalka, Ojni a dit…

Mais je sais que tu adore les livres! :))

Et lourd aussi. :))

Yoon See!
Never mind.
Sorry, but I couldn't translate the text (exhibition). It's a big pleasure that you saw it! :)) Thanks a lot Yoon!

Poupette Lulu!
Quelle surprise! Bienvenue chez moi! Dans le livre se trouve les histoires incroyables!!! :))
Merci bien pour ta visite! Á bientot.

:)) Hiii
Welcome to me! Thanks a lot for your visit. My english is so bad, but I'm going to see ordinary xour blog. Thank you!
Yes, I illustre books, for me, and for a magazine. That's all. I haven't a book publiched. It's the futur. :))